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If you want to explore the market yourself and only hire a real estate agent after you have found the house, then our Do It Yourself service is for you! 
The Good Guys send you house listings, are on standby until you call, and can go to work for you at any time, by, for example, going with you to a (second) viewing.
Because you do a part of the work yourself, we can quote competitively.


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What can we do for you?

Call or email us so we can discuss your requirements. We will then let you know what we can do for you in the search and purchase of a new home.
We will share the relevant housing listings, but we will send you an order confirmation in advance in case you later decide to engage us for a viewing or bidding session. Please note, you are not obliged to do this.


Searching quicker and better...

Most homes are listed on, but we have them a little bit earlier. If you want, we can send you the real-time offer every day. It doesn't cost you anything. 
Start by looking for your ideal home. The more you see, the better you'll know what you are and aren't looking for in a house.


Involving us

We can join you when you view a house for the second time, or
right away, if you're sure it's for you and you don't want to waste time. After that, there are a few options. We can give you advice after the viewing, in which case we only charge you for our time at this viewing. Alternatively, we can take over from this point and guide the bidding and possible purchase for you.



Have you considered to buy the house?
Then you can engage us to review all relevant information, develop a purchase strategy
assess all relevant information, and conduct the negotiations. We will have already agreed on the costs. If it does not lead to a successful sale, you will pay a relatively small fee for our


Making a formal agreement

If the offer is accepted and conditions for the purchase are confirmed, we need to go to the notary to have a formal agreement drawn up. We cover any risks by having necessary provisions included in the purchase deed. In the meantime, an architectural inspection may take place. We are always present for that inspection.
After we have all the relevant information, have sorted everything out and informed you fully, the final signing can take place.


Finalizing the purchase

We monitor the process between the purchase deed and the deed of delivery, remind you of the obligations in the purchase deed, and support you where necessary. We also like to help you think about possible renovations and may be able to put you in contact with an architect or contractor.


Transferring the key

Most often there are several months between signing the preliminary sales contract and the final transfer. The seller needs to move, you need time to get your financing in place. But in the end, the wait is rewarded: You get the keys. We attend both the inspection of the house and the notarial transfer.
If there is anything else you need our help with later, don't hesitate to ask. We will gladly assist you. Accessible and free of charge of course, because that's how The Good Guys are.


Zeer goede kennis van zaken en nuttige aanbevelingen voor zaken die extra aandacht vereisen bij de verkoop van de woning.

Zeer deskundig en uitstekende advisering. Een duidelijk verkoopplan en een prachtige presentatie. Goede begeleiding van Geïnteresseerder en verkoopproces

Prima werk van Kay, Do en Cindy. Erg blij mee! Goede prijs voor het huis gekregen en geen verrassingen tijdens en na de verkoop, precies zoals je het wil.
Dhr. Jacob Hulder
Alles uitstekend begeleid! Goede informatieverstrekking. Mooie brochure en foto’s. Snelle...

Alles uitstekend begeleid! Goede informatieverstrekking. Mooie brochure en foto’s. Snelle opvolging. Potentiele kopers goed en actief benaderd. Goede prijsonderhandelingen.
Dhr. Peters

Contact us.

Do you want to buy a house yourself in Amsterdam, but need help with certain parts from buying brokers? Use The Good Guys Do It Yourself partial service. Send your question to us and we will be happy to help you.

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